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Freedom's Core
We offer this beautiful collage in your choice of a time release giclee or a signatured open edition print
30" x 22" Time Release Giclee Print,  $200.00 Unframed (about giclees)  $10.00 s&h
$425.00 Framed Giclee No shipping. Call for pickup.
Due to the large size of this piece, framed giclees are only available at shows or for local pickup and delivery.

Unframed Signatured Open Edition Print, 26" X 20":  $60.00 + $10.00 s&h
Framed Signatured Open Edition Print: $275.00  No shipping. Call

Artist's Letter of Intent and Allegiance

“As an artist, I have wanted to paint a piece reflecting my pride in our country.  This painting is a statement of my belief and faith in our democracy and freedom, symbolized by and governed at our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.   For this new painting, I have chosen the title, Freedoms Core.  The monuments of our presidents are awe-inspiring:  Washington, our first president and head of the first army; Jefferson, the founder of our constitution; Lincoln and Roosevelt, great presidents who led us through the most difficult times in our history.   The war memorials dedicated to the memory, cause, and lives of so many who gave their lives so that we and others could be free.  The White House is home to our President, leader of the free world and Commander and Chief of the world’s largest free army.   The Capital Building is the center of our elected representative government, housing those who have taken an oath to legislate, preserve, and defend freedom.

I oversized the flag of the Iwo Jima Memorial intentionally to bring attention to the Flag of Freedom.  I oversized the Indian on the Capital Building as a tribute to the Native Americans who, themselves, sacrificed so much. 
I believe we are living in very trying times.  Our patriotism is being challenged at every turn.  Our pride in nation, heritage, tradition, culture, and grassroot beliefs is being constantly questioned and even ridiculed.  I hope this painting reflects and pays homage to these freedoms we so easily take for granted and is artistically worthy of representing such values.” 

Kenny Glenn


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