Duke University #2 - Blue Devil Traditions
Duke University
Available in Limited Edition of 4000 or 100 Giclee Duplicates
Framed print: $225.00
Unframed print: $70.00  (23" x 19")
Framed Giclee Duplicate:  $650.00  (40" x 33")
Unframed Giclee Duplicate:  $450.00  (30" x 22")

Duke University #1 - The Devils Wait
1250 Edition -- SOLD OUT

2019, Artistic Decor, Inc.


Collegiate Campus Spirit Series

University of Maryland
Duke University 

James Madison University

Mountaineer Traditions
North Carolina State University
The Big Orange
Blue Heaven
The Wolf Howls

Pirate's Den
Deacon's Pride
Doorstep of Tradition
Hokie Heaven
Where the Tigers Play
Hail Thee Carolina