I was fortunate to have been raised in a very diverse region in central North Carolina: a region rich in rural culture, athletics and outdoor life; a region known for its educational institutions, manufacturing facilities and art centers.  My paintings reflect this diversity from rural life scenes to sport fishing, from mountain wildlife to college montages. I believe art should be a reflection of an artist's life.  My art is an extension of me, my interests, my life, and my core values.  I love nature, the outdoors, the smell of early morning dew, the feel of mist coming off a lake, the sound of pounding surf and the silence of a slight breeze moving through the leaves.  My wife, Ann, and I love to travel to see new sights, to taste new food delights, and to absorb different cultures.  I feel fortunate for my life and for this earth -- what a great gift God has given us.  I hope you can see in my paintings what I have seen and felt.  I share all this with you.

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