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Giclee, pronounced (zhee-clay), is a new advanced printmaking process developed for producing the highest quality fine art reproductions available.  The artist's painting is scanned, in-house, directly from the original using state-of-the-art high resolution digital camera-back scanning technology.  Working with strict color-management techniques, our artist-craftsmen manipulate and proof the digital file until they are satisfied that the results are as close to the original work of art as possible.  The artist then works with the technician to "fine-tune" the work and prepare for the final printing process.  The result of these efforts is a reproduction that is indistinguishable from the original artwork.

The final approved file is then sent to one of our eight color printmakers.  The fade-resistant, pigmented inks are sprayed at the highest resolution to whatever material has been chosen, whether it be 100% rag art stock or canvas.  During the actual run, every print is inspected to assure unsurpassed quality.

After the reproductions are printed, they are sent to our finishing lab where they are inspected, hand-deckled and embossed with our Seal of Authenticity.


The Dating Game
Barnyard Corn Shuck

Blue Ridge Blooming

Country Blooming

Battle of Coppera Creek 

Saratoga Evening 

Morning Strut

Snowy Pack Out
Bull City - Signs of the Past

So Hi 1993 - The Last Class

Surfside Blooming

Date Night, 1908

Ready For Market

Shadowed Reflection

 Curiosity's Gaze

Freedom's Core 

In The Swing